Why Learn to Draw in the Digital Age?

We are bombarded with images from morning until night via the internet, television, advertisements, and newspapers. As we move into the 21st century, the world we live in becomes more and more driven by visual images.

Drawing is a compelling form of communication! Visual language and the visual arts are now more than ever relevant and drawing is becoming a necessity. A single drawing can communicate an idea, your imagination, a memory, a feeling or a belief.

Using the timeless visual language of drawing, you can convey an idea quickly and efficiently to anyone regardless of their own verbal language. Drawing is essential for engineers, designers, architects, scientists, doctors and is vital to the representational artists.

The Cat and the Kettle. tinted charcoal. 9x12.

During the Renaissance artists, engineers and architects were all one in the same profession. A great draftsman was deemed omnipotent supreme because they possessed a unique skill to carry out or implement their own vision. Hatched from an idea on paper into full blown reality the great Duomo on the Florence cathedral was built and spawned the Renaissance.

"All of the work of the hand is rooted in thinking." — Martin Heidegger

Drawing can be used to record, create, design, invent, experiment, organize, clarify or even learn something new. Think about it, everything in the man-made world came from some type of drawing or blueprint.

Drawing is an amazing process itself that connects us to the outside world. It requires the orchestration of multiple brain mechanisms functioning together including observation, planning, processing, visual and spatial intelligence, emotion, motor skills and personally expressive mark-making.

Good drawing skills come from your ability to carefully observe, understand the observation in your own mind, translate it and then relay the translation to your hand.

"The older I become, the more I realize that drawing is the most important of all the problems of picture-making." --Joaquin Sorolla

Drawing is the basis of science, engineering, architecture, geometry, mathematics, painting, sculptor, design and cinematography. It gives you the ability and skills...
  • To conceptualize an object in your mind then translate it to your hand
  • Sharpen your mind and directly improve your ability to solve problems
  • Study an objects from life and absorb the information
  • Create plans, blueprints or designs

Drawing remains one of the most immediate means for analyzing, interpreting and imagining our world.” Juliette Aristides

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