General Topics

  • Free Art Lessons from the Artyfactory has tons of information for students to learn anything from Art History to creating art.
  • Watercolor has some great tutorials for complex idea that are extremely simplified and easy to follow.
  • Need to see some of the Masters up close & personal? See the Google Art Project!
  • At Classical Atelier Home you can learn traditional fine art on your own with free information and techniques. 


Drawing Tools

  • MIIRA fabulous tools for measuring angles and proportions. Note they also have an app that is great!
  • Composite It Grids are great for beginners who are learning perspective drawing or learning how to solve composition problems.
  • Picture Perfect Viewfinder (3 in 1) - helping artists create better paintings with less guesswork

Video Tutorials


  • Holbein - Utilizing the purest of available pigments and manufactured to the highest level of quality control in the industry, Holbein Artists' Oil Color ranks as one of the world's finest.
  • Navigating Color Space - a quick video on how colors relate to each other
  • Color Frontier - Chart Your Palette! Artists who are serious about mastering color, know the value of "doing the charts"

Video Tutorials




Design Elements

  • The Alphabet of Art - explanation of the elements of design.
  • Size - Great interactive tools to explain the effect of size.
  • Value - Intro to value.
  • Texture - Intro to value.


  • Color the Dimensions of Color by David Briggs. Modern and traditional color theory is discussed in detail
  • The Joy of Visual Perception - How color vision works. The visual stages from the stimulus to the perception of the external world.
  • Munsell Color Wheel - Defining Color—Systems for Precise Color Validation Defining your color and ensuring its accuracy every time it appears is fundamental to long-term success. 

Free Art Books

  • Getty Publications - Free digital backlist titles from the Getty Archives
  • Guggenheim - Has made a number of art catalogs available for free online, offering "an intellectual and visual introduction to various artists.
  • Met Publications - Five decades of the Metropolitan Museum of Art publication on art history, available to read, download, and/or search for free. 


  • ProArt Critique - a website where your paintings/pastels/drawings can be constructively critiqued by a professional artist for a fee.